How to Make Viral Pins on Pinterest | The Definitive Guide

Written by Wilson

On 30th October 2019

The art of making viral pins on Pinterest has been a mystery for a long time. Even the most established bloggers still have trouble creating these traffic booming pins.

So if you’re getting zero traffic on Pinterest, and you’d like to learn how to do it every single time, then I have a treat for you!

I’m going to show you how to make viral pins on Pinterest, that’ll get you a ton of impressions, income, saves and clicks.

What is a Viral Pin?

A viral pin is a pin that gets a ton of link clicks, shares and impressions. You can tell when one of your pins goes viral when you suddenly see a huge traffic spike on one blog post (with traffic source being Pinterest of course).

How Many Impressions Should a Viral Pin Have?

This varies from niche to niche. I’ve seen bloggers call pins that have 10K impressions viral, and I’ve also seen bloggers who have 1 Million impressions on Pinterest call their pins viral.

If you were in the tiny “Blogging about Blogging” niche, you’d probably classify a pin with over 5K impressions as viral. But if you’re in the huge “DIY and Craft” niche, a pin with over 50-100K impressions may also be referred to as viral.

What Makes a Pin Go Viral?

This is a tricky question to answer, the reason being that Pinterest makes a ton of algorithm updates each year.

For example, to make a pin go viral about 6 months ago, all you needed to do was to rapidly pin your pins to a ton of your boards with little intervals.

I fell victim to this and I used to get 100s of thousands of impressions on Pinterest, and I loved it! But Pinterest caught up to my game soon enough 🙁

Pinterest updated its algorithm not too long ago. So if you try that sketchy strategy now, you’ll get a teeny number of impressions and you’ll be classified as a spammer.

So what can you do to get naturally viral pins?

I prepared a little infographic which will help you gain the fundamentals of making viral pins on Pinterest. I’ll expatiate about each aspect of “how to make a viral pin” in the paragraphs below.

#1 Design First

Let’s imagine that a full-on viral pin is a building.

Every great building must have two things, a good structure (or the building itself) and a foundation (we’ll see what aspect serves as the foundation later on).

Your pin design is like the building. A beautifully designed pin gains the attention of numerous onlookers. People will stare in amazement at how awesome your pins are which will lead to many more click-throughs than the average pin.

Pinterest also notices beautifully designed pins. If you’ve read a few Pinterest eBooks of recent, you’ll notice that they all talk about Pinterest “seeing” your pins.

Pinterest can tell what your pins look like, and will relate them to similar-looking pins.

So if you post a pin of a lady, Pinterest will know it’s a lady and link it to visually similar content.

Lady search results on Pinterest. Pinterest linking methods, make viral pins on pinterest

And if you post a graphic featuring a blog post, Pinterest can’t help but link it to other blog posts in the same category.

blogging tips related searches for pinterest viral pins.

Colours and Fonts

This has puzzled me for a really long time (and still puzzles me to date).

I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say that making viral pins relies greatly on the colours used.

So after a lot of research and viral pin comparison, here’s what I learnt about picking colours.

  • Warm and feminine colours do best. If you look at Reference image 2.1 above (the image directly above the heading), you’ll notice that most of the pictures all use a variation of red, pink and sometimes orange and yellow. Feminine colours perform better because most Pinterest users are female.
  • Cool colours don’t perform as well as warm colours because they aren’t as vibrant and don’t catch people’s attention as well.
  • Light backgrounds are perfect for catching people’s attention. Plus, they can help to bring out both warm and cool colours.
  • Dark colours don’t work as well as light colours. They can also increase the grain and disturbance on your pins.

Now let’s talk about fonts. When choosing fonts, choose BOLD, unignorable fonts.

Avoid script fonts at all costs! Don’t know what a script font is? Here’s an example:

Calligraphy font to avoid in Pinterest marketing
Beautiful but deadly on Pinterest

Images and Headlines

These are the most attention-grabbing aspects of your pin.

When picking an image, don’t go for bland, images that are out of context.

Like I said earlier, Pinterest can basically see your pins. So if you add a picture of a baby to your pin and caption it with the title:

“How to Fix Your Failing Blog in 7 Steps”

it will most likely be shown to people who are more interested in parenting than people who are interested in blogging.

How to Make Viral Pins With Extraordinary Headlines

There have been countless occasions where I’ve seen an ugly pin with bad font combinations, terrible images and poor SEO that went viral all because of one thing, its headline.

Headlines are hands down, the most important aspect of any pin. So if you’re going to spend a ton of time creating a pin, spend most of that time thinking of a headline.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to do this, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

To learn how to build headlines, you should definitely check out this definitive guide to creating headlines by Crazy Egg.

Here are some elements of a good headline:

  • Great headlines contain numbers (Odd numbers out-perform even numbers).
  • They contain 2 or more power words (e.x. extraordinary, amazing, extreme).
  • They can be a tad controversial or surprising.
  • They revolve around a popular topic.

These are just a few elements of what creates a viral headline.

#2 SEO is the Secret Ingredient to Making Viral Pins

Keywords, keywords, keywords everywhere.

That’s the second element of a making a viral pin. I strongly believe that there is no post on the web which talks about how to make viral pins, that doesn’t talk about SEO.

This is because, after your pin image, the next thing Pinterest looks for are keywords to tell what your pin is all about.

Mind you, it’s not as much as easy as stuffing a ton of keywords one by one in your pin description.

Pinterest is smart and knows when you’re using it wrong.

So you gotta learn how to use keywords properly. Here’s how to use keywords efficiently:

  • Make sure your pin descriptions feature both broad and long-tail keywords, such as blogging & making money blogging. For a post like this, I can use the broad keyword “Pinterest” for it, and a long tail keyword like “how to make viral pins on Pinterest”.
  • Make sure that the boards that you pin your pins to also contain long and short-tail keywords:
example of a proper SEO'd board for making viral pins on pinterest
Example from Easy Blog Emily
  • Also, try to add keywords to your profile’s name and description
stray curls SEO optimised page for viral pin creation
An Example from Stray Curls
  • Also, make sure that the headline of your pin is huge, or big enough to be seen from afar. (Pinterest can also see your text).

#3 Getting More Engagement

This tutorial about making viral pins wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you how you can get people to interact with your pins.

After all, no pin can go viral if nobody engages with it (i.e, clicks, repins & comments).

So let me show you how to make viral pins with strategies that’ll get you more engagement.

Pinning in the Right Places

There are probably a hundred and one posts telling you to join group boards on Pinterest to get super-fast results on the platform.

This used to work extremely well.

But in 2018, Pinterest started deprioritizing group boards, since they were meant for collaboration and not excessive promotion.

So now, if you want to get higher pin impressions, you should try focusing on your personal boards.

With proper SEO, they can do just as well as group boards.

But wait! There’s a catch!

I’m not a developer at Pinterest. But I can say for a fact that as a new blogger, Pinterest doesn’t know jack about what you blog about.

That’s why when a new blogger pins content to one of his personal boards, Pinterest will link to random pins unrelated to his content:

Bad and unrelated suggested content. Newbie mistakes
These were the related searches for a motivational quote pin.

So when you’re just starting out on Pinterest, focus on group boards, and slowly start pinning on your own boards.

Viral Pins are Born at The Right Times

The time at which you pin is also extremely important.

After all, without people interacting with your pin, it can’t go viral. So you need to pin when most people will be able to see your pin.

According to Fannit:

…the best time to Pin is between 8 pm and 11 pm and between 2 am, and 4 am EST

But, according to 10Alike:

…the best times to Pin are between 2 and 4 pm EST and 8 pm to 1 am EST

It’s certainly mind-boggling.

One thing is certain though. Saturday is the best day to pin.

But, if you would like more in-depth insights about the best time to pin, then you can invest in a tool like Tailwind to do the heavy lifting for you.

Where to Find More of These Awesome Tips

These are just a few of the awesome tips found in the Viral Pin Guide!

Since I started using the strategies mentioned in the eBook, I’ve been able to grow one of my Pinterest accounts from 0-50K Monthly Impressions in one month.

And now, my pins get much higher impressions. Now I regularly get pins with stats like this:

Neat right?

The writer of the eBook, Emily Owen, has a Pinterest account (in the marketing niche) with 1.7 Million Impressions. In her eBook, she tells you exactly what you need to do to get the same.

If you’d like to delve deeper into the art of creating massively viral pins on Pinterest, then check out her awesome eBook!

And That’s A Wrap

After reading this post, I’m sure that you would have learned a thing or two that will help you boost your pin impressions and make your pins go viral!

Have any more awesome tips to make Pinterest pins go viral? I’d love to hear from you!

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