5 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Written by Wilson

On 5th November 2019

There are literally thousands of themes on the web. So you gotta take a minute to choose one of the best WordPress themes you could possibly have.

If you just started a blog on WordPress, and you’d like it to get traction really soon, then one of secrets lies within your theme.

After all, your theme will greatly affect the User Experience on your site. So if you want people coming back to read your awesome content, then you have to choose your WordPress theme wisely.

Additionally, if your theme is not optimised for SEO, you’ll miss out on that sweet organic traffic from Google later down the road.

So for these reasons (and a few others), I’ve decided to write this awesome post that will show you the best WordPress themes for new bloggers who want massive blogging success.

What Makes a Good WordPress Theme?

If you recently entered into the blogosphere, you may wonder what makes a WordPress theme “a good theme”. Here are a few things that every single theme must have:

  1. It should be responsive: We aren’t in the 90s anymore. More than 50% of traffic on the web is mobile. So if your “awesome” WordPress theme isn’t optimised for smaller screen sizes, then unfortunately, it’s not that awesome after all.
  2. It should be Search Engine Optimised (Especially Speed): Google and Bing don’t appreciate lousy sites that have no regard for SEO. That includes proper code formatting, properly used meta tags, great pagespeed and more.
  3. Customisation: Your WordPress theme should be customisable. You should have *almost* total control of your site even though you don’t know HTML or CSS.
  4. Browser Compatibility: Not everyone accessing your blog will use the same browser. Most browsers render the code of your website differently. So you need to choose a theme that’ll enable all browsers to understand your site.

Without further ado, I give you the best WordPress themes for businesses!

1. Divi (Editors Pick)

divi,, best multipurpose wordpress theme (Editors Pick)

Most people will agree that Divi is the ultimate WordPress theme for new bloggers.

I use Divi on this blog, and that’s a bit surprising because you couldn’t tell the difference between the default layout and my site layout.

divi default layout
Default Divi Site Layout (Courtesy Toolset.com)
dollarpursuit.com (running Divi WordPress Theme)

That’s because Divi has so many goshdarn customisation options!

Responsiveness isn’t even a question here! Divi has a page builder which helps you build awesome pages that are mobile friendly.

Divi is also extremely fast! It’s one of the reasons why my site has a ranking of 81 on Google Pagespeed insights for mobile and 96 on desktop.

dollar pursuit google pagespeed insights (super fast)

To show you how amazing that is, this is the rank for melyssagriffin.com.

melyssagriffin pagespeed insights (super slow)
Disclaimer: This rank doesn’t necessarily make any site better than another.

This is exactly why I choose Divi as my #1 theme. Sure, there are more advanced themes like the Genesis Framework, but they aren’t as beginner friendly as Divi!

This is exactly why I believe that Divi is the best WordPress theme for beginners. Since I’m a Divi affiliate, I can offer you a 20% discount if you use my link!

2. Astra

Astra multipurpose WordPress theme

Astra is another extremely customisable theme.

Astra is completely focused on performance. When you first install Astra on a new WordPress site, it can load in as fast as half a second.

Astra also has some of the best markup on the web. According to their site:

Astra’s codebase architecture follows best SEO practices. It even comes with the necessary Schema.org markup you need

And even better, it is built especially for page builders like the Divi builder, Elementor (Awesome for newbie bloggers and business owners)

One more thing… It’s free! You can use Astra for a lifetime without paying a penny.

FREE astra theme

You can always buy a more powerful plan later.

3. Uncode

UNCODE minimal wordpress theme

Uncode is nothing short of an amazing WordPress theme.

It’s much simpler than Divi and Astra, but it packs quite the punch. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that just works, go with Uncode.

UNCODE Demo of multipurpose WordPress theme for beginners

One of the most noticeable things about uncode is that it comes with the WPBakery Page Builder which is one of the most powerful page builders on WordPress.

wpbakery page builder

The page builder costs $45. So if you’re basically buying the theme for $14 with the page builder. That’s quite the steal!

4. X

x theme best multipurpose wordpress

X is one of the best selling WordPress themes of all time, and for good reason.

It brags to be one of the most customisable WordPress themes on the market.

Even better, when you buy it, it comes with nearly 30 additional WordPress plugins (roughly $300 value). These plugins include ConvertPlug, Visual Composer and Slider revolution.

5. BeTheme

Betheme most demo websites (best multipurpose wordpress theme)

BeTheme probably has the most prebuilt demos on any WordPress Theme (I’m talking 450+). So if you need a theme that will help you build websites speedily, then go with BeTheme.

All the demos can be imported in a single click, and they are all fully customisable (The theme comes with WPBakery Page Builder too).

The most prevalent reviews on it’s sales page talk about how easy it is to use it and how customisable it is. So if you’re looking for a theme that’s 100% flexible, go with this theme.

What is Your Favorite Multi-Purpose Theme?

Some people think that it’s best to stick with a specialized WordPress theme for their sites.

But if you’re not a developer and you want greater flexibility, then you might prefer to turn to the best multipurpose WordPress themes out there that give you a choice as to what kind of site you want to build.

All the themes above come with loads of customization options that’ll help you build unique websites via drag and drop instead of writing code. Even the ones that are aimed at beginners still make design changes easy and painless.

So if you are looking for the best multipurpose WordPress theme to make your project reality, you should now be one step closer.

What are your favorite multi-purpose WordPress themes? Anything you think should be up there Let me know in the comments below!

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Hi! I'm Wilson!

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